Mission Ready Concealed Carry Classes

Who are the instructors?

Kerry Ford and Rich Hayes TEAM TEACH the class. We believe team teaching gives the students a much better experience for many reasons. Students are not just listening to one voice the whole time. Students get two instructors with similar but different backgrounds and experience. Team teaching also provides a lower student to teacher ratio which allows more time with each student. We are both NRA Certified Instructors and Illinois State Police Approved Instructors. We have been shooting since we can remember. We have hunted since we were old enough to carry and shoot a gun. Kerry was in the Army National Guard in an Infantry Unit for 6 years. He was qualified the entire time as expert with the M16 Rifle, M60 Machine Gun and the Colt 1911 .45 caliber Pistol. Rich has over 20 years of shooting competition skeet and trap with very impressive standings. Between the two of us, we have well over a 100 years of shooting experience with hundreds of thousands of rounds fired.

What is the cost?

The 16 hour class is as low as $75

The 12 hour class is as low as $75 with IL Hunter Safety Course or a Concealed Carry License from UT, FL, NV, MO, MI or KY.

The 8 hour class is as low as $50 with Military Service or NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection Outside or In the Home.

The 3 hour renewal class is as low as $30

*We will complete the online application for you for an additional $20 which includes a digital picture and pdf certificate.

Illinois charges $150 for the 5 year license.

Contact us for pricing details.

What does the class cover?

The mandatory 16 hour class covers the following:

Section 1: Basic Pistol/Safety - 4 hours

Section 2: Basic Pistol/Safety - 4 hours

Section 3: Laws - 4 hours

Section 4: The Live Fire Qualification and Concealment - 4 hours

* 8 hour days cover 2 sections each day. Evening classes cover 1 section each evening.

* The Live Fire Qualification is 10 shots at 5 yards, 10 shots at 7 yards and 10 shots at 10 yards. You must hit 21 of 30 in the black portion of a full size B27 target. Basically the same size as a full grown man.

The 3 hour renewal class covers sections 3 and 4 which is the law and live fire qualification.

What should I bring to class?:

We furnish everything! You can use your own handgun for the live fire portion or you can rent one of our pistols. Please don't go out and buy a gun for the class unless you have an opportunity to shoot one like it first. Between the two of us, we have many of the most popular concealed carry handguns that you can test out after the qualification. We also provide hearing and eye protection or you can bring your own if you prefer. Lunch will be provided for all full day 8 hour classes. Snacks and drinks (coffee, water and soda) are provided for all classes. If you don't see a class that works for you, select other and tell us what works for you. You can also give us more details in the comments section. We will do our best to build a class around your schedule.

Where are the classes?

All classes meet at: 668 Monaco Dr. Edwardsville, IL 62025 in Holiday Shores just a couple blocks from the Gas Station and Marina. If you have a good sized group and would like us to come to your location or place of business, contact us for more info.

Feel free to contact us by phone, text or email with any questions:

Kerry Ford: 618-830-1000 kerry@concealedkerry.com

Rich Hayes: 618-407-5400 richardhayesllc@gmail.com


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